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Some questions are never asked enough. Here is a compilation of the most received questions.

Q: How long will I receive updates for if I purchase a license?

Proxy Multiply includes free lifetime updates. If you purchase Add-Ons, you will receive updates to those for free as well, forever!

Q: How do I activate my license after I purchase Proxy Multiply?

Related question:

Q: How do I update my license to work on a new PC I have purchased, or on another PC?

Licenses can be transfered for free, and at your discretion. The only restriction is that you may not transfer more often than once every five (5) days. To transfer your license, install Proxy Multiply on your new PC, then open Proxy Multiply. You will be presented with the Trial Notification window, informing you that you are a trial user. Click the button in the Trial Notification window that says ‘Already purchased but still seeing this message?’ and follow the directions. You will need to enter your transaction ID (usually your email address) to transfer your license.

Q: How do I find my authorization key (serial)?

Open Proxy Multiply and click the ‘Help’ button, then click ‘About’ at the top of the window. The bottom of the About window reads ‘Your auth key is’ followed by a text box containing your key. You are also prompted with the key when you start the program if you are a trial user.

Q: How do I install/update Proxy Multiply?

To install the software, just head over to the download page and save the setup file to your computer. Open the setup file and install the application to enjoy Proxy Multiply. The application is self updating and does so automatically, so you never need to worry about your software being out of date.

Q: How do I uninstall Proxy Multiply?

  • Open the Windows Control Panel.
  • Select ‘Programs and Features’ (Windows Vista/7/8) or ‘Add/Remove Programs’ (Windows XP).
  • In the list of programs, look for Proxy Multiply.
  • Click Uninstall and follow the prompts on-screen.

Q: I already purchased the software but I am seeing a trial notification message.

Click the button in the Trial Notification window that says ‘Already purchased but still seeing this message?’ and follow the directions.

Q: I have Proxy Multiply set to output to a text file automatically, but it never does.

First, make sure you have automation enabled (Configuration -> Automation). In order for a file to be outputted, the program must first run automatically and the automation cycle needs to finish. The text file will be written after the program finishes scraping and testing proxies, AND if it has met your configured threshold for proxies. If you are never hitting the minimum threshold number, try lowering the number of proxies set as the threshold.

Q: Will the proxies work for Scrapebox? If so, how?

Absolutely. First, enable the proxies to be checked for Google-enabled by opening the Configuration dialog and clicking HTTP Proxy Testing. Check the box that says ‘Check proxy for Google ability’. Then, in the box below it, check the box that says ‘Automatically delete non-Google enabled proxies’.


Yes! Once you purchase Proxy Multiply, you can authorize up to two (2) computers using your transaction ID (PayPal e-mail). Just click the link in the program that says ‘Already purchased but still seeing this message?’ on the second PC you would like authorized.

Q: FTP Error: 553 File Name Not Allowed

Does the FTP account you’re uploading from have full access to upload, or at least access to upload to that folder?

Is the directory password protected?

Is the FTP account located within a sub-directory of another folder?

Try setting the FTP upload directory to whatever directory is first loaded when you connect via FTP. If when you connect via FTP your home directory is ‘ / ‘, then set the FTP directory in PM relative to that.

Have you been able to use a standard ftp client to upload rather than PM?

If none of these suggestions solve your problem, open a support ticket.

Q: How can I configure Proxy Multiply to find only Anonymous proxies?

Follow these steps:

  • In Proxy Multiply, click the Configuration (wrench) button.
  • Click the HTTP Proxy Testing menu on the left.
  • Check the following boxes in the right hand side: Check anonymity and country of HTTP proxies, automatically delete transparent HTTP proxies, automatically delete unknown anonymity HTTP proxies.

Q: How does the automation work in Proxy Multiply?

To access the automation features, click the Configuration wrench icon and navigate to the Automation section. Here is a brief explanation of how the automation works:

  • You set a threshold for a number of minimum working proxies in the list and an interval for the program to run an ‘automation cycle’ at.
  • During each automation cycle, the program will first check to see if you have enough working proxies in your list to continue. If you do, it will test them and make sure there are still enough. If either clause fails, it will scrape fresh proxies using its unique search method (querying Google, Yahoo and Bing) to find more proxies, and then test those.
  • The program will repeat #2 until it has enough proxies to meet the configured threshold, then wait X minutes until the next cycle, and the process repeats.