Introducing Add-Ons – Get More Proxies!

Introducing Add-Ons – Get More Proxies!

We haven’t posted a news item in awhile, but not because we are lazy. Many hours have been invested in the Proxy Multiply workshop, preparing something massive. There is a brand new functionality and enhancement being introduced to Proxy Multiply in the next update!

Our latest release of Proxy Multiply ( will be introducing the Add-On system.

The Add-On system will be launching with our Proxy Booster URL Manager. To make Proxy Multiply even more powerful and versatile, the Proxy Booster will greatly increase the number of valid proxies available to our customers. Users will spend less time crawling websites with proxies that do not suit their needs and will have their proxy lists enhanced by URLs scraped from search engines. Clarification on exact working methods will be available in the program via the Add-Ons menu.

Some teaser screenshots:

Add-Ons menu

Preview of the Add-Ons menu, a new addition to Proxy Multiply!

Add-On Settings

Settings for the Proxy Booster Add-On

Proxy Booster URL Database

Display window for Proxy Booster’s internal URL database tracking

Proxy Booster URL Manager will be priced at $9.97 and is tied to your existing license.