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Automation not working: File Output, Email, Post-Automation File Execution, etc.


If your post-automation tasks are not firing, this is usually because Proxy Multiply (PM) is not actually running in automation mode. Automation will only fire after PM is idle for the set interval of time under Configure > Automation (every X minutes), unless you set it to run immediately when PM opens.

Forcing automation to run as soon as PM opens is the easiest option and will allow your automation tasks to run as anticipated, and will also force PM to start scraping/testing as soon as the software opens.

To force automation to run immediately when PM opens:

1. Click Configure

2. Select Automation in the list of options on the left hand side.

3. Check the bottom 2 boxes in the configuration area, labeled "Begin running automatically when Proxy Multiply opens" and "Perform post-automation tasks ...".

4. Restart PM. It will begin scraping automatically, and will perform your automation tasks every X minutes as specified.

Proxy Multiply automation settings

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