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Questions about general settings, proxy testing settings, SOCKS4/5, URL crawl timeout



1. Whats the function of socks5 username and password fields, currently they are set to anonymous?

2. Under then general tab if I set " do not retest proxies that were checked within the last" 60 minutes, but under the automation tab I select - "at the following interval every 15 minutes the proxy list will be re tested"

Does one of these options overwrite the other as there seems to be conflict of interests? What about if you want to find new proxies every 15 minutes, but only want to re test them every 2 hours - what settings should I use then?

3.From your experience what are the optimum settings to use to gather the most amount of socks 4 and 5 proxies? (I imagine the larger the scrape url list has the most effect) i.e what should I set the following too -

url crawling timeout - ?
limit proxy list to - ?
do not re test proxies that were checked within the last - ?
automatically delete dead proxies - ?
socks testing timeout - ?


Some SOCKS5 proxies require a username and password therefore there is a box for them.

The box in the general tab 'do not retest' applies to the proxies in automation as well. Some people may set automation to run every 5 minutes but re-testing your proxies may cause them to prematurely die thus the box in the general tab allowing a delay between re-testing. The option in the general tab 'overrides' the other box in automation.

The largest initial source of SOCKS proxies will produce more, so yes the initial scrape list is what will determine how diverse and large your list is after it scrapes initially and then begins searching Google/Yahoo/etc. Disabling checking for HTTP proxies will allow you to find more SOCKS proxies because you will spend less time testing the HTTP proxies.

URL crawling timeout: 60 seconds is a happy medium.
Limit proxy list: I would not advise using this option. It only exists so that slower PCs do not have too large of a proxy list hogging memory. You want the biggest list you can find generally because your chances of finding working proxies from that list increase proportionately with the list size.
Do not re-test proxies checked w/in the last: I set this to 45 minutes. This allows a nice steady accumulation of a large proxy list without killing your proxies by over-testing.
Automatically delete dead proxies: Absolutely enable this. It will filter out the junk. Taking PM's search mechanism into account: Why search Google with dead proxies? You want to find alive working proxies, so search with alive proxies.
SOCKS testing timeout: It depends on your specific application for the proxies. If you can use slow proxies, maybe set this as high as 20 or 30 seconds. If you want to test proxies faster or you need faster proxies, bump it down to 15 or even 10 second timeout.

Best regards,

Jrim Software

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