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Proxy Multiply gives an Error When Opening, or Unable to update


If you receive an error that the connection is 'timing out' or that the host was not able to be reached when Proxy Multiply is updating or opening, please ensure that it is not being blocked by any firewall or antivirus programs.

If you are still experiencing the issue, you may have a proxy set in your internet options that is no longer alive/working.

How can I disable the current proxy that Internet Explorer is using (and Proxy Multiply for the purpose of updating)?

1. Open the Windows Control Panel and look for Internet Options. Alternatively, you can open Internet Explorer and click the gear icon, then click Internet options.

2. Navigate to the Connections tab and click the button at the bottom of the window that says "LAN settings".

3. Uncheck the box that says 'Use a proxy server'.

If you are still experiencing these issues even after disabling the proxy used in your browser, please open a support ticket for more assistance.


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