Find and test proxies automatically

Proxy Multiply has the capability to maintain a set number of working proxies. At every configured interval (e.g. 30 minutes), the program will re-test your proxy list to make sure you have enough to meet your configured threshold. If you have too few, the program will automatically use its unique search feature to find and test more!

After Proxy Multiply finishes automatically maintaining a specific size list of proxies, it will e-mail you the list! Does it get any easier?

Operating system


Proxy Multiply’s code is designed to take full advantage of both the newest, most powerful computers on the market and even of dated or average hardware by allowing the user to specify how many threads the program should use. Each ‘thread’ is like a little bit of thinking power for the program.

.NET 4.0

Proxy Multiply utilizes the most up-to-date .NET framework, ensuring maximum security and performance for your computer.

Lightning fast performance

Under several different test scenarios, Proxy Multiply still managed to produce thousands of HTTP and SOCKS proxies within 1 or 2 minutes.

Fully configurable

Full customization of program dependent settings, such as proxy testing servers, timeouts, anonymity tests, and number of threads keeps Proxy Multiply leading in its category of software.