Addon: Proxy Booster

Add-On: Proxy Booster (URL Manager)

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Proxy Multiply already has the capability to crawl search engines, looking for new proxies to furnish your proxy list. But what if those websites that Proxy Multiply crawls were automatically added to a new database that tracked exactly how many working proxies the website yielded? And what if once every 7 days, dead websites producing 0 working proxies were removed from the URL database and websites yielding working proxies were kept?

Because everybody loves screenshots:

Proxy Booster URL Database

Display window for Proxy Booster’s internal URL database tracking

Add-On Settings

Settings for the Proxy Booster Add-On

Stop imagining, it’s here

Now that functionality is here! The Proxy Booster Add-On is guaranteed to increase the number of working proxies that you can harvest using Proxy Multiply! Furthermore, you will spend less time scraping websites that do not produce working proxies! Proxy Multiply receives a serious performance enhancement with this Add-On!

Q: How can I get the Proxy Booster Add-On?

Add-Ons are an optional, paid upgrade for Proxy Multiply. If you purchase an Add-On, your purchase is tied to your existing license of Proxy Multiply and receives the same usage guidelines (install on 2 PCs included and free license transfers). After purchasing, just restart Proxy Multiply and the Add-On will be automatically downloaded and initialized! Your Add-On purchase includes all future updates to the Add-On free of charge.

I already paid – where is the Add-On?

After purchasing, just restart Proxy Multiply and the Add-On will be automatically downloaded and initialized. You can verify the presence of the Add-On by clicking the green gear on the main form labeled Add-Ons. If the add-on is still showing as ‘NOT INSTALLED’ even after a restart of Proxy Multiply, please contact us.

The Add-On cost is a 1-time fee of $9.97.

In order to purchase this Add-On, you need to be an existing customer of Proxy Multiply. If you already purchased Proxy Multiply, please login here. If you are an Avangate customer, get an account on our website here.

If you have not purchased Proxy Multiply, please head to the pricing page for more information!