A gift for our customers. Thank you!

Jrim Software sincerely appreciates the support shown by our customers since Proxy Multiply’s launch in August 2011.

Thanks to your efforts to promote our software to your friends and spread the word about Proxy Multiply, business has been good for us lately. As a way of saying thanks, all customers as of November 7, 2012 will receive our brand new paid Add-On completely FREE. The Add-On is a $9.97 value
and adds new search engines into Proxy Multiply for even greater proxy scraping ability.

If you are already a customer, click the green Add-Ons gear on the main window to see your gift. The Add-On is already activated and installed, and requires no maintenance or input from you. We hope you enjoy the large update and free Add-On!

If you aren’t a customer yet, the deadline to receive the free bonus is November 7, 2012.

A new update to Proxy Multiply was also issued today. As a reminder, all updates are free with the purchase of Proxy Multiply. The latest update is version and includes the following features:
– Improved proxy testing efficiency.
– Added filtering by U.S. state to the Configure -> Country/City menu.
– Added a speed filter to the Proxy Type menu (main window).
– Proxy Multiply is now a digitally signed executable.
– The proxy list will now persist between executions (opening of the program).
– Unknown anonymity HTTP proxies will be automatically deleted by now (it is no longer an option).
– Improved authorization mechanisms.
– Fixed the ‘When crawling links, also crawl links on page’ option to work with many forums.
– Fixed a bug relating to proxy deletion.
– Fixed checking certain types of private proxies.

Again, your support is greatly appreciated!